Anti-static Garment, Pink, Stripes, Gown

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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Anti-static Garment, Pink, Stripes, Gown

◆ Color: pink
◆ Stripes pattern
◆ Type: gown
◆ Size in inches:
S - Total Length: 38 / Bust Girth: 46 / Sleeve Length: 29.5
M - Total Length: 39 / Bust Girth: 47 / Sleeve Length: 30
L - Total Length: 40 / Bust Girth: 48 / Sleeve Length: 31
XL - Total Length: 41 / Bust Girth: 50 / Sleeve Length: 31.5

Anti-static Garment, Pink, Stripes, Gown
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