Reversible Precision Driver Set

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(sets) G.W. CU'FT
10 0.57KG -

Reversible Precision Driver Set

◆ Shaft length can be adjusted from 18 to 90 mm
◆ Magnetic point for hard-to-reach places
◆ With rotary cap on top for quick rotation and precise alignment
◆ Cushioned and comfort grip
◆ Hex Size: 4mm
◆ Shaft Length: 125mm
◆ Double-ended blade (5-in-1)
◆ With carrying case

Reversible Precision Driver Set
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    Replaceable Precision Screwdriver Set (4pcs/set)

    ◆ Shaft length can be adjusted from 25 mm to 90 mm.
    ◆ Handle Length: 97 mm
    ◆ Slotted 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm, 3mm & Phillips#00, #0, #1
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    ◆ Magnetic Tip
    ◆ Bits can be stored in the handle
    ◆ With hook in the end
    ◆ Bits included are Slotted 4.5mm*1, Philips #0*1, Philips #1*1, Philips #2*1, and gimlet*1.
    ◆ Bits are in 65mm long and gimlet is in 50mm long.
    ◆ Bit shank is 6.35mm hex
    ◆ Overall Length: 150mm
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    ◆ Point Size: Philips #1 / Slotted 5mm and Philips #2 / Slotted 6mm
    ◆ Overall Length: 108mm for each
    ◆ Blade Length: one is 23mm and the other one is 30mm