Octopus Brand:

Watch Back Case Opener

Product No
Country of Origin
International Barcode
(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
25/100 6.6KG -

Watch Back Case Opener

◆ This Watch Back Case Opener is watchmakers' perfect tool.
◆ You can easily open the watch case by simply placing the blade under the case back and prying it off
◆ Material of handle: PP, color of handle: yellow
◆ Material of blade: heat treated SUS416

Watch Back Case Opener
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    ◆ Easy to store and organize with transparent portable plastic case.
    ◆ Thoughtful design includes magnifier on plastic case helps improve visibility for small objects and built-in screwdriver stand offer convenience when using.
    ◆ Information on sizes is marked clearly and can be seen from outside of the transparent plastic case.
    ◆ Rust proof handles and blades make the life of this tool set longer and more durable.
    ◆ Rotating caps on top offer great user experience.
    ◆ Wide application in watch repair, watch battery replacement, removal for watch bracelet screw links, eye glasses repair, jewelry work and electronics maintenance.