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Lock Holder PH-01 Engineer

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Country of Origin
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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
5 0.18KG -

Lock Holder PH-01 Engineer

◆ Ratchet handles allow smooth clipping and quick release of locking.
◆ Serrated hemostat for assembling, soldering and precision clamping work
◆ Material: Stainless Steel SUS410
◆ Length: 125mm
◆ Shape of Point: Straight

Lock Holder PH-01 Engineer
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    Pin Extractor 1.9mm/2.5mm SS-30 Engineer

    ◆ Ideal for extraction of crimp contact pin and socket from terminal housing
    ◆ Inner Diam. of Sleeve: 1.9mm
    ◆ Outer Diam. of Sleeve: 2.5mm
    ◆ Sleeve: 12mm
    ◆ Overall Length: 64mm
    ◆ Stroke of Ejector: 21mm
    ◆ Surface Material: Stainless brass

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    Size(B): 0.9mm
    Thickness: 0.4mm
    Shaft Diameter: 1.8mm
    Shaft Length(C): 15mm
    Total Length(A): 110mm


    ◆ Made of fine ceramic with great features of being non-conductive and anti-magnetic.
    ◆ Durable and perfect for high frequency circuit adjustment in electronic parts, computers, or communication equipments.
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    ◆ Magnetic point for hard-to-reach places
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    ◆ Cushioned and comfort grip
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    ◆ Shaft Length: 125mm
    ◆ Double-ended blade (5-in-1)
    ◆ With carrying case
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    ◆ Ideal for extracting IC (8 to 42 pins)
    ◆ Squeeze clip and pinch IC tightly.
    ◆ Fasten the knurled screw cap to keep holding
    ◆ Length: 125mm
    ◆ Material: Stainless Steel & PVC