Octopus Selected Electronics Tools guarantee the most competitive prices while offering wide variety of tools that support electronic components distributors/retailers, educational organizations, maker markets, hacker space, hobbyists, DIY electronics, and engineers in every corner of the world.


For electronic components distributors/retailers

Our selected electronics tools help you offer a more comprehensive and integrated service by adding Testing Equipments, Crimpers, Strippers, Cutters, Pliers, Drill, Screwdrivers, Tweezers, ESD related tools, Soldering tools, Tapes and all other miscellaneous hand tools into your product categories and support your thriving business with our timely door-to-door shipping service.


>Mini Drill and Stand / PC Board Drill Bits<


                  265.001                                     265.030                                    866.2009





                  514.501                                     511.262                                    514.401




                  503.279                                      511.221                                    511.225


>Cutters & Pliers<


                  503.021                                      503.603                                    503.101



For educational organizations

We are here to help include every tool you need for educational purposes. With our experiences in designing the content of tool kits, you will definitely receive not only good value for the money but the practical tools you really need for teaching and learning.





For maker markets and hacker space 

From the most basic tool you will need to work on your breadboard, to some more professional tools, we offer all sorts of choices for you to pick the most applicable and effective tool for your electronics projects in different levels.





For hobbyists and DIY electronics

Let our tools make your tasks easier! Nowadays, while free online resources offer hand on tutorial courses are in abundance and can be found in many forums and websites, our tools would like to transform your idea into reality with more ease too!




For engineers working in RD Dept 

We understand your day-to-day work can be very arduous. And we are sure some accountable and fine tools from our selected electronics tools can help you finish your design or repair job precisely and the most important…knock off earlier.



 >Precision Screwdriver & Wrench<


                  460.5251                                     463.059                                    473.2000



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